Inn of Shenandoah

In 1885, shortly after the railway line was established in Luray, the house now known as the Inn of the Shenandoah was built. Judging by its architectural detail and size, it was the home of a wealthy family. It later served as a dress shop, rest home, and tourist travel house.

By the 1990s, the house was in serious disrepair. In fact, it was utilized by the local volunteer fire station for practice drills.

It was at this time that Deborah Woodruff, a true romantic, and her husband, a skilled chef, moved to the area. Though the house was on the brink of condemnation, they could see its potential. Together, they lovingly and painstakingly restored the home to its former glory. The house became a home again with unique details such as crystal chandeliers, stained glass windows, luxury finishings, and decorative flourishes. After adding a commercial kitchen, they opened it as the “Victorian Inn & Restaurant.”

After 20 years in the business, Deborah retired to Florida. She turned the reins over to her son and his wife, who themselves were married in the gardens on the Inn property. They purchased and remodeled the farmhouse cottage behind the Inn and rebranded the property as the “Inn of the Shenandoah” – still a place where visitors can sit awhile on the porch, breathe deep, relax, and let their worries drift away.

Inn of Shenandoah - Brooke Newman